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The Best Indoor Plants for Your Apartment

There are many plants you can grow right inside your apartment. You do not have to be a horticulturist to succeed with this. Asides, there are many benefits you get from having an indoor plant. You get to beautify your living space in a cheap way and also enjoy a purified air to breathe in.

Even if you are the lazy type that doesn’t want to commit to taking care of a plant, there are simple plants that doesn’t need much tendering. Here are a few of the best indoor plants you can use to spice up your apartment:

1. Golden Pothos and Air Plants

This is perfect if you are just starting out with indoor plants. One of the top choices among indoor gardening novice is the golden pothos. It features a big and beautiful green and yellow leaves which performs well in moist soil. It can be grown on hanging baskets or pots and thrives in low light condition.

2. Cast iron Plant

If you stay in an area with low sunlight, or if your apartment doesn’t get much sunlight, this is the perfect plant for you. The cast iron plant is tough, grows really slow and thrives in extreme temperatures and low light.

3. Boston Fern Light

If you require a plant to improve the quality of air in your apartment, the Boston plant is a great choice. They are exceptional at removing toxins from the air. This plants features emerald fronds and soft branches. The Boston fends is good at getting rid of xylene and toluene from your apartment. It also helps beautify your living space. You need to water the Boston Plant more often.

4. The Peace Lily

The peace lily features broad and dark green leaves which makes them perfect for absorbing common toxins produced in the house such as trichloroethylene and benzene. They are perfect for most apartments and help to put a touch of decoration in your space. You should however prepare to water them regularly

5. Snake Plant and ZZ Plant

This is the perfect indoor plant for people who lead a busy life. If you are the type that might not always remember to water your plant, either the ZZ plant or the snake plant is a good choice. These sorts of plants give a foliage look in your apartment space.

These are two pretty rugged plants that can withstand all sort of ill treatment as they do not have to be watered always. Also, with little rays of light, they can survive. They (both plants) have wavy and thick leaves which make them go hand in hand.

There are many ways an indoor plant makes you better off. Even if you do not want the stress of regular watering, there are options that fit your choice above. You will be amazed the difference that this touch of nature will add to your living room space. If you are in need of nice and affordable apartments for rent in Savannah GA, give us a call at Slate apartments.