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Cheap ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool

As much as summer is highly looked-forward-to, it remains a part of the year when there will be a high degree of heat. It is the time that virtually everyone wants to be outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze. People move around in scanty clothing during summer, hold public picnics and generally create reasons to be outdoors. It is normal and expected of your apartment to be hot as well. If you live in an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA, you would be trying to find ways to keep your apartment cool during summer. Most of the options you know are probably expensive; and we would like to proffer solutions that will require little or no money to keep your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA cool.

The first thing to do in keeping your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA is to start with keeping your window blinds and curtains closed. It is undeniable, how much good natural light does to your apartment but during summer, natural light will be less of your worries, unlike summer heat. If you can get dark curtains and blinds, that will even be a much better option.

After you have blocked any light that may come into your apartment and cause heat, the next thing is to make sure there is enough air circulating the apartment. Lock the doors and windows of unoccupied rooms so that your air condition unit will have less space to cover thereby making sure that you have enough coolness in your living space. If you have ceiling fans, occasionally change the direction in which the fan blows. This is because, over time, ceiling fans tend not to make the room they are placed in cool. They keep blowing without effect. So if you change the blow-direction, you’ll be able to achieve a cooler apartment.

Keeping your body cool all the time is another way to maintain coolness during summer. Sometimes it is not the apartment that is hot; it is our body. By eating foods like Greek cucumbers and yogurt, having a regular bath more than once in a day will help maintain a cool body. Also, when sleeping, put some talcum powder on the bed so that your body can remain cool and dry through the night. If you are allergic to talcum, you can buy a talcum free product.

The above tips should get you started with managing the heat in your apartment during summer at least until you can make more expensive adjustments. If you would like to secure an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA that you can easily manage during summer, contact us at The Slate Savannah on 912 298 7000.