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5 Apartment Upgrades to Spruce up your apartment

An apartment for rent in Savannah, GA that is designed the way you want is rare and difficult to find. If you are thinking of settling for the one you find with plans to spruce it up once you move in, there are surely ways you can do that without breaking the bank. Let’s check out some of the upgrades you can make to improve your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA. For some of these upgrades, however, you need to get approval from your landlord.

1. Cover ugly countertops with vinyl stickers

Is the countertop in the kitchen in your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA old and dirty? You can use vinyl stickers to cover any part that does not look good. Vinyl stickers come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Vinyl can be removed at any time, so when you are moving out of the apartment, you only have to pull off the sticker. You can use a vinyl sticker to cover anything in your apartment your cooktops, cabinets, refrigerator, chairs, the floor and even the wall.

2. Bulbs and Light fixtures

A bright apartment is usually a great place to be in. Now, imagine having a bright apartment with decorative and ornamental light fixtures. If you are installing a lamp in your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA, you can choose either a desk or floor lamp, and for ceiling light fixtures, there are lots of ornamental bulbs that you can buy.

3. Windows

Curtains are widely used, and of course, they make a great option for controlling the amount of natural light that enters your apartment. You can have your curtains in different colors, textures, and sizes depending on how you want it.

An alternative to curtains is to use window-tinting film. There are different colors, patterns, and types of window-tinting film. It can be either reflective or frosted. Window tinting is also easy to remove, and it is not very common. So if you are looking for a unique way to spruce up your apartment, this is a great option.

4. Rugs

If the flooring in your apartment is worn or stained, the best solution is to buy rugs. Rugs cost less than fixing the floors, and besides, it is a rental, and you should have your eyes on more temporary solutions. Rugs come in different size, shapes, colors, and textures, and can even help keep your apartment warm.

5. Decorative fans

There are ornamental fans which help make your apartment look better than you met it. Having a cool apartment thanks to a functional fan and a decorative fan is a great deal for your apartment. You will get fans of different sizes and designs in the market.

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