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How to Avoid Potholes When Renting an Apartment

Getting a suitable apartment can be tasking and also exciting. However, how enjoyable it will depend on how well you understand the process as well as the nature of your property owner.

In this regards, there are simple things one can do to simplify the process of getting an apartment. We have discussed some tips that you can adapt to avoid pitfalls when seeking for an apartment .

1. Document Everything

It is a good idea to document all your dealings in trying to get an apartment. Asides, if you are not cleared on anything, you have the right to seek for amendment. Also, occurrences that can break your agreement should also be detailed in your lease agreement. A detailed, written agreement can spare you of a lot of hassle in the future.

On signing the lease agreement, we advise that you keep your correspondence in writing. Even If the correspondence is not in writing, it is advisable to keep a log of the communication. Renting an apartment is a contractual business relationship which should be treated as one.

2. Ask for less if you want to pay less

Most times, rent is not negotiable, however many property owners could compromise when it comes to price. Although reducing the official rent price could be pretty difficult, one can negotiate the overall price that will be paid.

For instance, if you need an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA and you have a pet, you can ask for the extra pet rent to be waived. You can also ask them to waive the parking spot fee. Some landlord can agree to give you a discount on the rent specifically. This, however, happens when you extend the period of the lease agreement.

3. Discuss with Existing tenants

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get an idea of the area you wish to move to. We admit this could be rather intimidating, it is however rewarding. As the information from people who are already living in the vicinity will let you know what to expect when you join them.

It could be a good idea to knock on doors, introduce yourself and request information. While not everyone has the guts to do this, we recommend using the mailboxes. Without a doubt, you will have to leave your name, number and email address or a means with which you can be contacted.

All that is expected of you is introduce yourself and let them know your intentions of settling down in their building. We understand that not everyone might respond to your request. We are however confident that at least one person will reach out to you.

Getting an apartment to live in can be both stressful and enjoyable at the same time. However, we hope the tips presented above will guide you in making a meaningful decision.