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How to make your bathroom less cluttered

There is no day you will not step into your bathroom, and if the bathroom in your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA is cluttered, it makes an ugly sight. It is quite understandable that it is easy for the bathroom to get cluttered because it is where you get a lot of things done such as taking your bath, brushing your teeth, shaving and other body grooming activities. So, your bathroom is expected to have a lot of items in it which you will have to put in the right places every time to keep them organized.

1. Get some bathroom organizers

Your bathroom is cluttered because the items in it are not well-arranged and organized. If you can get a space to store the things in your bathroom, it will reduce the clutter. Get towel storage, a cabinet where you can keep the big items and a small box to keep the smaller things. If the items in your bathroom are hidden out of sight and arranged properly, there will be a difference between your cluttered bathroom and the less cluttered one.

2. Keep the counter space neatly arranged

The countertop is the most convenient place to drop things unconsciously, and over time, the items you drop on the countertop forms a clutter that makes your bathroom look unsightly. Either you go for storage solutions such as bathroom organizers or you put in the effort always to arrange your bathroom countertop. You can make use of baskets or small jars so that related items can be kept in the same place such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. You can also limit the things on your countertop to the small ones. Larger items like your hair dryer can go into a cabinet.

3. Use the space beneath the sink

A lot of people don't think the area beneath their sink can be useful in keeping their bathroom organized. The space is not meant to store just old toothbrushes and your plunger – you can use the space to store a whole lot of things ranging from your cleaning and first-aid supplies in there.

4. Throw away the useless things

There is no point keeping things that you have no use for in your bathroom. Check your bathroom inventory and make a priority list. Those things that fall at the bottom of the list should be taken out of the list. Your bathroom will look tidier and even well-spaced once all the unneeded things are out and the needed ones are properly stored.

After securing an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA, you should not have an untidy bathroom. If you, however, haven't found an apartment you like, contact The Slate Apartments by calling 912 298 7000. Our property managers will give you our apartment options.