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Important Things to Find out before renting an Apartment

The tenancy agreement is an important document every tenant must pay attention to, before renting a house. It is a legal document that guides the operation and activity of the tenant for the period of occupancy on the property. It is a document that reveals the dos and don’ts, what is expected of the tenant as well as the duration of the tenancy.

It reveals all the important legal terms and conditions that bind your tenancy. All in all, the tenancy agreement is a very important document you cannot afford to take with levity.

In this regards, we have brought some important things to consider before attesting your signature to a tenancy agreement.

1. Special Clauses

You will do yourself a huge favor if you understand all that is stated in your tenancy agreement before signing. This is essential to ensure you do not have any clash now or in the future. In order words, before considering an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA you have to know what is expected of you.

Thus, it is good to know beforehand if you are allowed to smoke or not. Are there pets allowed on the property? What is expected of you as regards cleaning the properties? How does the landlord prefer to be paid? This and many other clauses should be detailed in the tenancy agreement.

All this depends on the individual. Thus, some landlords might allow pets, while others could frown at it. There could be an additional bill if you will keep a pet. You should endeavor to know all this.

2. Decoration and repairing

The tenancy agreement should clearly state who is responsible for minor repairs on the property. At times, the landlord would prefer to help with simple repairs. Some could leave the tenants to take care of DIYs around the house.

In searching for homes for rent in Savannah, GA, you should also be aware if decoration is allowed or not. One might need to get a permission to decorate, paint, move in furniture, hang anything or even have a garden maintenance.

3. Bills and rent payments

One of the most important aspects of the tenancy agreement is the bill and payment section. Some property owners would prefer that you take care of other bills alongside the major rent. Others could prefer you settle it independently. Whatever the case, be sure you will be responsible for utility bills like gas, electricity, water and internet charges.

The price agreed on the rent, the rent due date, the start and end date of the tenancy period etc, are other information that should be clearly expressed in the tenancy agreement. It is exciting getting to settle into a new apartment. It is, however, wise to prevent the excitement from making you forget to carefully review the terms of the tenancy agreement. Failure could lead to serious consequences.

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