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Simple Inexpensive Artwork for Your Walls

You do not have to burn your savings to get the perfect artwork for your walls. There are simple ways with which you can add life and passion to your living space. With this, your apartment will radiate energy, life, and color.

Regardless of your decorating budget, we have the following hacks to make your living space more welcoming:

1. Creative Framing

You can get a picture frame, better and pretty much cheaper than getting an already framed piece of art. With this, you can attempt a low-cost piece of art. You can get a lot of inspiration or framing ideas even right on the internet.

At times, the frame is usually more important than the image in it. Hanging an empty frame (with the backing removed of course) is a good idea as well. You could include a solid color sheet or paper in the frame. You can have the color in it different from the wall color.

When it comes to framing ideas, you have no limit. Besides, your home will enjoy a beautiful touch when you decide to get creative with the frame.

2. DIY Photography

Smart Phones these days are capable of producing amazing photography. You can snap pictures of interesting moments around you just with a click. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get the perfect photograph.

The idea behind this is in the theme and the concept. It also depends on what you want – series of images by each other just over your couch, black and white images, and mosaic, concrete or abstract, etc. With some creativity, you can enlarge and get the perfect image. This will give you the chance to add some personality to your living room.

3. Recycled Materials

With old materials like cans, wine bottle corks, CDs, wood pallets, etc, you can recycle them and add some life to your living space. While you will be required to add some effort, these materials are so worth it.

With a collection of corks, you could have a beautiful art shaped just above your TV set. You could have a mirror with a frame plated in pieces of a broken CD. This can be brought and pieced together like a mosaic.

With this fantastic idea, you will have an amazing living space, unique in its way and appealing to guests.

4. Paint

This is not about creating a painting. The idea about is about using paint to spice up your wall and avoid the need to have anything hanged. For instance, you could segment your wall into vertical thirds. The top third can be painted in a light color, the middle in a medium color while the bottom in a very dark color. This doesn't have to be different colors; it can be different shades of yellow.

At times, when you are decorating on a lower budget, you will be surprised at how creative you can get. No matter the decorating feature you decide to go with, be sure to have fun with it. Be free to get creative. You will be surprised at how your imaginations will turn out.

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