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Simple Parking Garage Etiquette Everyone Should Know

The desire to live in the right apartment is way more than having a building with friendly neighbors and the right number of bedrooms. Finding the right apartment has to do with comfort, convenience and various on-site facilities that will improve your standard of living.

The right apartment should have secure and parking garages that are easily accessible. This should guide the selection of your apartment. Hence, you do not have to worry about the unexpected elements of nature in getting to where you seek to go.

While some residents do have parking space assigned to them, parking garages are community spaces. With this in mind, you should be familiar with the dos and don’ts of an apartment parking garage. This will allow you to live in peace with your neighbors

1. Park Straight always.

How annoying it is when you find out that you are unable to open your car door because your neighbor already parked too close! With this in mind, be careful and mindful when parking. Your cars should be parked straight and evenly. This is simple courtesy you should show others which could be reciprocated as well.

2. Avoid Driving Fast

While in the garage, avoid driving too fast. You need to know the things going on around you. As a rule of thumb, your speed in the parking lot should not exceed 15 MPH. With this; you will avoid any fender bender and possible auto-pedestrian accidents.

3. Be Careful as a Pedestrian

Garage etiquettes are not about drivers alone. Pedestrians in the garage should always be at alert as well. Be on the lookout for vehicles and avoid walking through the garage with your headphone on. This is a potential for disaster as earphones block your awareness of an oncoming vehicle. Also, desist from texting while walking in the garage.

4. Desist from being Noisy

Noise in the garage gets amplified easily. This is because the sound wave bounces off the concrete. Hence, the fact that you have got to leave the apartment at 5 AM doesn’t mean that the whole apartment is up. This also doesn’t mean that you should rev your engine too loud and wake up everyone in the building. In the same way, if you and your friends are coming in after a late night out, keep the conversations down.

5. Always use Your Rearview Mirror

Before backing out of your parking space, make sure you use the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror was not installed as a fashion accessory. Many accidents that occur in the parking garage as a result of vehicles leaving their parking garage without seeing another vehicle driving down the garage.

Whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Toyota Highlander, we recommend you follow the etiquettes that guide the usage of the garage. With these, you will live in peace with your neighbor and your community.

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