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Simple Ways To Improve The Security Of Your New Apartment

People living in apartments need to pay more attention to security unlike people living in their own house. This is due to the fact that you are pretty close to your neighbors. Besides, there are lots of foot traffic and people going past your door. There are more strangers moving around your corridors. You can, however, take conscious steps to add security to your apartment. The following tips could help:

1. Lighting

When your apartment is well lit, it will scare away intruders because no one likes to be caught. Most intruders prefer darkness as it makes their operation conducive. Thus, keeping your apartment well lit will keep out intruders. If you have a balcony, make sure it has a security light. The hallways, parking lots, laundry room, walkways, and stairways should all be lit. When seeking for an apartment to rent in Savannah GA, put these in mind.

2. Locks

Many building managements claim they replace locks after tenants leave. Many however actually do not do this. Thus, we recommend that you change the locks yourself or ask the supervisor to do it for you. This is to prevent any outsider from having access to your apartment

It is also a good idea to ensure the locks in your balcony door and windows are in good condition. Many unscrupulous people could use a ladder to access your balcony even if you are not on the ground level.

We recommend getting an additional lock like a deadbolt which gives peace of mind compared to the traditional doorknob. Asides, if you have a sliding door, consider getting a pole to wedge the door shut or an inside bar lock.

3. Neighbors

When you know who your neighbors are, the probability of getting burgled is low. This is because you will be able to notice and detect any stranger lurking around. Also, if you are on good terms with your neighbors, you could look out for each other. Thus, if you will be out of town or away for the night, your neighbors should be aware. With this, they are on the watch and could give the police a call should there be any suspicious activity.

4. Security Systems

You can gear things up with a security system even if your whole apartment already has one. There could be a security camera or a controlled entrance, however, these are pretty vulnerable as people could sneak in. With an extra security system, no one will have access to your home in your absence.

5. Curtains and Blinds

All your curtains should have blinds or curtains. With this, you prevent unscrupulous beings from having access to the contents of your home. This will also let you feel safe in your house knowing no one is watching you!

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to be scary, with the above, you are even more secured in your personal space.

We at the Slate apartments have conducive and reliable apartments for rent in Savannah GA with the necessary security and comfort that you desire. Get in touch with us if you need homes for rent in Savannah GA today.