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Things you need to know about moving Out of Your Smart Home

A move into a home for rent in Savannah, GA takes a lot, and if you lived in a smart home before, you could easily overlook some things. Of all the items in your smart home that you plan to take to your new home for rent in Huntsville, AL, your smart devices are among the most important. Depending on the type of devices you installed, some of them may have been built into the walls of the home. If that is the case, you probably will not be able to take along with your devices like your smart light and smart locks. What you need to do is reset these devices so that the incoming tenant does not have access to sensitive information that might be stored on those devices. Before moving out of your smart home into your new home for rent in Huntsville, here are some of the things you need to do to make sure all of your stored data is purged.

Here are four tips to help you clear out successfully.

1. Take inventory of your smart home components

Your smart home system is made of the devices themselves, instruction manual, the website for the devices, etc. by making sure you have all these components available, you will be able to disconnect the system properly and give the incoming renters this information so they can get started with the system afresh without any hassles.

2. Get rid of the data on the system and disconnect

As the date of your move into your new home for rent in Savannah, GA nears, you should wipe all the data on the smart home devices, log out of all admin accounts. Wipe off all the data by doing a factory reset. You can consult the owner's instruction manual for steps on correctly wiping the data off these devices.

3. Contact the Manufacturer

Sometimes, a factory reset might not be enough; your data may not be completely wiped off the system, and you will find out that you still have control over the system even after new occupants have moved into the home. To successfully get rid of all your information from the smart home system, get in touch with the manufacturer to make sure all the information has been wiped.

4. Ensure your new smart home system is properly reset

You have to make sure the smart home system in the new home for rent in Savannah, GA that you are moving into is properly wiped and the previous occupants have taken all the steps you took in your previous smart home.

Having a home automation system in your home for rent in Savannah, GA requires you to do your homework and make sure everything is clean enough for your data and personal information not to be compromised. If you haven't secured a home for rent in Savannah, GA with a home automation system, contact The Slate Savannah on 912 298 7000.