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What to do with Packing Supplies

Searching for and securing an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA most times mean that you wish to settle down for quite a bit of time. Since you may not be moving anytime soon, why not repurpose those packing supplies you used during your initial move? You will not only be putting to good use items that you would have otherwise thrown out or wasted, but you will also be de-cluttering your apartment and be all about the green life. So, how do you repurpose and which packing supplies can you repurpose?

1. Bubble Wraps

If you have to move your things over a distance and there are breakables among them, it is advised that you use bubble wraps. What then can you do with bubble wraps after moving into your home for rent in Savannah, GA? Before you unpack or buy new curtains, you can use bubble wraps to cover your windows so that your apartment will not be seen from outside. You could also give out the bubble wraps to your new neighbors and even in the process, get introduced and get to know each other. Even simpler, put together a "burst the bubble wrap" party and have enough fun with your new neighbors.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Children love cardboard boxes. To keep them busy as you unpack and do other things, you can pick out the large cardboard boxes, cut out windows and doors for them, they have a playhouse. With cardboard boxes, you can create your own storage bin where you can put things that are not for immediate use. The smaller cardboard boxes can be used to create sections in your drawer so that it can be well arranged and organized.

3. Moving

We only mentioned decluttering your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA earlier in this article. Nothing about having a big apartment was mentioned and having enough space to keep these packing supplies. You may choose to keep them until the next time you want to move or for anybody who wants to move.

Basically, your first act of getting rid of things or cleaning once you move into your apartment for rent in Savannah, GA is to do something about your packing supplies. You can get rid of them, use them for something else (repurposing) or simply keep them somewhere. To secure an apartment for rent in Savannah, GA where you can put all of the above to good use, contact The Slate Apartments by calling 912 298 7000.