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5 Dusting Tips that will Change Your Life

Dusting as simple as it looks plays is an important role in keeping dirt, insects and other unwanted things out of the home. When preparing your new apartments for inhabitation, dusting is one of the methods of getting it cleaned. When in search of apartments for rent in Savannah, GA, there are lots of thing you should take into consideration. Apart from checking whether the homes for rents in Savannah, GA are designed for easy dusting, you must also make sure that the environment where the apartment is located is not prone to dust or any other pollutants that may be injurious to the health. To enable you clean your apartment effectively, we have 5 dusting tips that will help you maintain a dust-free home all the year round.

Take the Ceiling fans and Light Fixtures into consideration

The Ceiling fan and the light fixtures are two conspicuous places in the home that accumulate a lot of dust. Use a clean and bendable cloth to dust these places. You don’t need a ladder to reach these places unless you have a ceiling that is very high. You can always bend the walls of the shaft to match any light or fan configuration. When you are through with the dusting, you can remove the cover of the microfiber and machine-wash it.

Wall dusting Techniques

A lot of people do not know how to dust their wall properly. Some does not even know the right material to use. There is a simple and straight-forward way to get your wall cleaned. To dust your wall effectively, you need a flat head mop and a microfiber cloth with little water sprayed on it. You don’t need to use anything expensive for the cleaning of your home walls. The technique here is to simply work the tool back and forth using a ‘W’ pattern to energy as well as time. When dusting your walls, ensuring you are covering the entire space.

Dust corners, Molding and Door frames

Most homes for rent in Savannah, GA have lots of nook and corners that requires cleaning by the occupants. There are lots of spider webs and dust in these parts of the house. These areas are often ignored. The easiest way to have them cleaned is by using a mop pole and a microfiber or an old sock. Put the old socks at the end of the mop pole and use elastic to hold it in place.

The right direction to dust

Dust falls from top to the bottom like snow. Therefore, when dusting, start with the highest item down to the ones below. If you don’t do it this way, you will find yourself repeating the task over again. Another great way to dust is to do so in spiral formation. That is, clock wisely tackling all the corners and moldings and then moving to the frame tops and then going down again to dust table tops and baseboards

Cleaning Delicate Items and Antiques

Care must be taken when dusting delicate items and antiques. To do this effectively, lightly mist a makeup brush or a small brush and it clean these items.

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