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How to Store More Makeup in Your Apartment

Most apartments come lots of space for your personal items. If you have a lot of makeup, arranging them all in your apartment can pose a challenge. With this in mind, we have some tips to organize your makeup collection in a home for rent in Savannah GA.

1. Have makeup containers and label them

We recommend having a transparent plastic jar if you want to store your makeup. You can use a marker or a sticky note to mark the plastic with the name makeup tools so that anyone will easily recognise it. In here, you can have things like small brushes, lip sticks, lip balms and bobby pins. In here, you can also have important things so that you have your stuffs well organized, all in one place.

2. Have a Makeup box organizer

A makeup box organizer is designed to have everything you use and need for your makeup. It can fit over 20 lipsticks, assorted mascaras. 10 eye shadow palettes etc. With a makeup box, you have all your makeup accessories in a place which helps keeps your closet space organized. Because they are also made to be quite compact, you can have one makeup box on the countertop.

3. Have your pods in the cabinet Doors

The door of your cabinet is a terrific place to keep some of your stick pods. This stick pods will hold makeup sticks and other bathroom supplies. You can get a cheap adhesive with which you can line up various stick pods to hold long items. Items like makeup brushes, nail polish bottles, tooth brushes and other items will fit in there.

4. Dedicate Cookie jars for makeup Sponges

Your makeup sponges and other circular items will fit perfectly in a cookie jar. Cookie jars are transparent making it pretty easy to see what is inside without stress. Cookie jars are water proof and comes with lid. This makes them fit right on the space, just by the sink.

5. Shoe organizer on Your bathroom Door Can be used to Store makeup

Shoe organizers come in simple shapes that will provide the perfect storage space for your makeup items. Make up items such as eye pencils, make up sponge, makeup brush and long makeup items can fit perfectly in the deep pockets of a shoe rack.

You however need to make sure you hang everything firmly on the door. It is good to hang them at the top and bottom so that your makeup items don’t fly away when the door is swinging.

Arranging your home for rent in Savannah, GA should be fun when you have many things to fit Take note of these tips and be creative with your storage space.