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5 Interesting Houseplants To Keep Your Apartment Green

Bringing nature right inside the home has a lot of advantages. Besides being an inexpensive form of decoration, plants help to purify the air and furnished the people inside with good quality air. This is particularly helpful since our society is laden with toxic air from exhaust of vehicles and industries.

A number of people are out there who would like to invest in plants for their apartments but are not sure of the right one. This is not surprising as there is usually little space to work with, the restriction of sunlight and watering. With these limitations, it is important to pick the right plants that will not die in a couple of weeks. There are plants that are rugged, that can survive harsh condition of little sunlight and water.

These are the best plants recommended for indoor use. A few of such type of plants are discussed below:

1. Bamboo Plant

If you will like a plant for your desk or counter, consider the bamboo plant. There are some that are recommended for the floor due to their big size. However, the popular ones are small, usually with twisted stalks which add perfect aesthetic to the home.

The best thing about bamboo is that they are low maintenance. With this in mind, they can survive in low water and little sunlight. However, if you want their growth to be rapid, you have to expose them to more sunlight.

Hence, if you want a big bamboo plant, place it by the window or patio where the supply of sunlight is unlimited.

2. Various Cacti/Succulents

Succulent plants come in many shapes and sizes. Cacti, a common example have thorns while others come in a pretty smooth shape. While some bloom, others do not. Some also grow “babies” that occupies a space (for instance Hens and Chicks), while others germinate individually.

The best parts about succulents is that they can survive in low water condition. However, it is best to check them once a while for dry soil. Once you see that the soil is dry, make sure you supply water ad watch as the water disappears into the soil.

3. Peace Lily

Peace lily comes in various types and sizes and some could be pretty large. With this, we recommend looking for the type that comes in small varieties if you are pressed for space. The best part about peace lily is that they do not need direct sunlight and they blossom with white flowers hence, keeping your indoor space lively.

Peace Lily are also known to be very good air filters.

4. Jade Plants

Jade plants are also in the class of succulents. Without enough water, they go into hibernation – a characteristics unique to them. They also stand out due to their round leaves. Once they go dormant, all you have to do is add water to bring them back to life.

Adding plants to your apartments will make you better off in many ways. The best parts about these plants are they can survive harsh condition without any special care.

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