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Most Common Apartment Décor Mistakes any Good Designer Will Notice

After finding the perfect apartment rental in Savannah, GA you want to start planning the perfect interior design scheme. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to find a good style for your apartment’s interior. However, there is a method to the madness. There are many things that almost everyone does when designing their interior that makes professional designers cringe.

Using Décor that’s all the Same Size

You would think this is a no brainer but it happens more often than you think. Very few people realize that proportion and scale are essential when it comes decorating. Too many large pieces in a room and the room starts to feel small and cramped. Too many small pieces and the room feels too large and cluttered. Lastly, don’t use too many décor accessories when decorating your beautiful apartment in Savannah, GA. Think less is more when using accessories. The more items in a space the less space you have. Making these small changes when arranging décor pieces will drastically change the look and feel of a room.

Using Too Many Dark Colors in a Small Space

Some apartment rentals in Savannah, GA are small. Dark colors fit well in so many situations. After all, black goes with everything. However, when it comes to interior design, dark colors are best suited for large areas as they bring down the size of a room. even if you have light colored walls and dark colored furniture, too many dark colored pieces will warm up the room way too much and completely defeat the purpose of having light colored walls. When choosing furniture and décor accessories, opt for sofas and curtains in linen or lightweight fabric. Also, choose a light-reflecting color palette such as white, taupe, or pale yellow. Combining light and dark colors in a perfect balance will create a beautiful, welcoming and comfortable space.

Using the Wrong Size Area Rug

Area rugs have an amazing impact on the look of a room. Rugs can completely transform a room and create a point of interest in your apartment rental in Savannah, Ga. A living room rug should really ground the whole seating around it. It tells everyone that this is where the conversation is. A small rug makes it feel disjointed and really cheapens everything. As a rule of thumb, a rug should be big enough to fit at least two chairs or sofa legs on it. The key to choosing the right area rug is to find one that not only matches the color scheme of the room but also is the right size.

It is very common for new or even seasoned apartment tenants and even homeowners to make these mistakes when designing their interior. However, some of those mistakes can ruin the look you are going for when decorating. Take care when choosing décor for any room in your home, and when in doubt, don’t be afraid to seek professional advice.