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Tips for First Time Apartment Tenants

Moving into your first apartment can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have never lived on your own before. Although there is a lot of responsibility that comes with moving into your first apartment in Savannah, GA there are things you can do to make the experience one to remember.

Inspect the Unit Thoroughly Before Moving-in

Finding apartments for rent in Savannah, GA can be a challenging task. Once you find the perfect one for you, immediately do a thorough inspection of the place. This includes taking pictures of each room from various angles and any issues that you see wrong with the apartment such as cracks in the walls or windows. You also want to report any issues found to the landlord immediately before you move anything into your new apartment to ensure they are fully aware of the damage and don’t try to hold you responsible. This also ensures that when it comes time for you to move you won’t have to fight to get your security deposit back because you reported the condition of the apartment before you took residence and proving you are leaving the apartment in the exact condition it was in before you moved in.

Always Report Maintenance Issues

This goes hand in hand with the first tip. No matter what the issue is, always report it as soon as possible to your landlord, even if the issue is your fault. This will not only prevent you from causing an issue with a neighboring apartment but will save you and the landlord a lot of money down the road. Even if it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, photograph the issue and report it immediately. You don’t want a small drip to turn into a huge flood for you and your neighbors. This also means if you notice an issue with a neighboring apartment that is causing issues to your apartment, such as water dripping through your ceiling from the apartment above, you should report it immediately. Again, this will save you tons of money in the long run.

Clean your Apartment Regularly

Not only is it healthy to live in a clean home, but maintaining a clean apartment in Savannah, GA could save you a lot of headaches later. If you have a maintenance issue that requires maintenance personnel to enter your apartment and it’s a mess, it could prevent them from being able to make necessary repairs. Also, many apartment landlords will do random inspections to apartments. You could face eviction if your landlord finds your apartment is too messy. A clean apartment is also free of unwanted pests such as mice or roaches. If these critters do show up and your apartment is clean, it makes it easier for the landlord as well as pest control to track down the source of the problem meaning it can be resolved much quicker.

Following these few simple tips can make you not only a good tenant but a good neighbor as well. Moving into an apartment rental in Savannah, GA is a huge responsibility, especially if this is your first home on your own. Make it the best experience by taking good care of the place and following the rules of the complex.