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5 Tips to Making Your Apartment Look Bigger

There may be times that you wish your apartment looked bigger. This is even true if you have a spacious one like those available at The Slate Apartments. If you wish that yours looked bigger, then use these tips to create the look without paying for a larger unit.

Lighten It Up

Lighter rooms look larger than darker ones, so find a way to introduce lighter colors into your apartments. Add light-colored artwork to the walls. Think about using washi tape or removable wallpaper to turn dark furniture lighter. Choose modern LED bulbs with energy levels above 3500 Kelvin. Add a light-colored flower arrangement. If you have filled the room with clutter, then its time to clean and get rid of the excess. Avoid using the overhead light, but you should include many lamps and other light sources that are kept extremely low. Choose those where the light beams up when possible.

Make the Room Look Taller

Making a room look taller will make it seem bigger. Choose light-filtering curtains that you can hang from the ceiling. Hang bright colored artwork above doorways and in other places to trick the eye into looking upwards. Consider a four-poster bed with a skinny high rail in the bedroom. Use tall vases and urns filled with ornamental grasses to break up empty spaces. If you are choosing new furniture, then choose those options with a low profile and few horizontal elements like armrests, however, choose options that have tall legs as they will make the room seem bigger. Choose furniture that is multi-functional allowing you to hide clutter easily while keeping items close at hand.

Move Things to the Wall

Using wall-mounted TVs and storage units will make a room seem larger as it opens floor space. Be careful, however, that you do not fill this space with something else. Embracing open space gives a room an airier feeling making it seem bigger.

Pick the Right Area Rug

The right area rug can make a room look bigger. While you will want to stick with a light-colored option, choose one with stripes. Lay the rug so that the stripes are running opposite the shorter dimension in the room.

Stay in the Same Color Family

Mixing colors make a room seem smaller, so you need to stay in the same color family to make a small room seem bigger. That does not, however, mean that you need to use all the exact same color. Get creative with different shades of the same color. If that is not possible, then color-code your shelves while keeping darker items on the bottom and putting lighter-colored objects higher.

One of the best ways to make your room seem bigger is to move to The Slate Apartments in Savannah, GA. You will love the spaciousness of the rooms where everything seems to fit naturally. Get started on this tip today by calling these apartments in Savannah, GA., at 9912-298-7000.