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5 Washi Tape Home Décor Projects to Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Washi tape was invented in Japan to be used in papercrafts, but there are many wonderful crafts that you can do with it to transform your living space after you find the perfect apartments for rent in Savannah GA., like those available at The Slate. Since it goes on easily and leaves no residue behind, it is the perfect product to use on walls and other surfaces in apartments. It is available in a variety of colors, textures, widths, and lengths making it a great product to use on many different projects.

Transform Your Ceiling Fan Into A Work of Art

If you are tired of the look of your ceiling fan, then transform it with washi tape. Simply tear off strips of the washi tape and put it on the blades hiding the ends of the tape on the top of the blades where no one will ever see them. Consider using bright colors as it will naturally draw the eye up making rooms appear bigger.

Create Wall Art

Washi tape is the perfect solution to creating wall art in a variety of sizes, including extremely large ones that look great above your sofa or bed. For example, you can create a large heart above your bed. While the tape works best when you use straight lines, it will go around some curves. You can also create beautiful seasonal art that you change throughout the year. Alternatively, putting wide strips of the tape on the wall is a great way to add visual interest to a doorway, arch or another area.

Decorate an Old Lamp

If you love the design of an old lamp, but it is showing its age, then you can easily update it with washi tape. While you can add washi tape in a variety of colors and designs to the outside or inside of a lampshade, if you prefer a more subtle look, then run strips of it up the inside of the shade. Your friends will be amazed at how you transformed an old lamp into a new piece for your home.

Make Your Own Photo Frames

It is incredibly easy to make your own photo frames with washi tape. Simply use a circle on the back of the photo and stick it securely to the wall. Then, create your frame design around the photo. You can stick with basic colors or choose tape that coordinates with one of the colors in the photo.

Quickly Transform Furniture

It is easy to use this product to transform old furniture. Pieces that have simple designs are best, but you can wrap the tape around even the most ornate legs and scrollwork. You can choose to cover the whole piece or just create a beautiful tabletop.

The first step is to find the right apartments for rent in Savannah, GA. While washi tape is incredibly easy to use, it is even easier to find the right apartments when you call The Slate at 912-298-7000.